More about my journey

2 Apr

Good morning, I am, waking up with a song in my heart and a spring in my step. I have not won a lot of money but I have made a lot of money. I am still baking bread and wanted to continue and share where I am going to now. I am still searching for a shop to use for my bakery and that is a slow process. I think I have found one and will have to wait to sort out all the legal bits and pieces.

My bread making skills are  improving by the day and I am experimenting with a lot of new techniques and  ideas. I am even baking some cakes to beat as well.

I have found my first client, kitchen Garden cafe in Kings Heath in Birmingham and have been selling my bread there for a month now. Well what a month. What have I learnt?

Remain passionate about my bread.

Offer people the chance to taste good bread and give you feedcback.

My years of doing night shifts have prepared me for baking bread during the night.

Have a good time with the people you meet and listen to their suggestions.

Here is a story about learning to trust and being generous. A customer came and told me how he likes to have  bread with onions and ham like he had in his native Germany.I decided to adapt a potato and onion bread for him and baked the bread. I did not tell him that I will make him a special loaf  for my next delivery. Off course the day turned out very bad for selling bread fro a bread stall, raining and cold as it can be in spring in England.The bread was left waiting for the man and off course he did not show up. I had offers to sell the bread, I had so many comments about how different the bread looks and off course my name sake Albert saying sell the bread since you have no  idea if the person will come for the bread.After I packed up, I went to the shops quickly and what will I find on my return. Albert in a panic, the man came to ask for me and the bread, he asked for his special bread and off course Albert confirmed that there was a loaf of bread reserved for someone.

That made my day, the man came for the bread. It was good to see him and he bought  not just his special oaf but also extra bread as well. He is going on holiday to Germany and will not be back for a month.If nothing else, I was glad that we connected and he knew that I will make him a special lof.

I cannot wait for him to return from holiday and tell me how he liked his special loaf.

Since the first Saturday in March until  the last Saturday my bread sales doubled and the last day despite the weather, I exceeded the previous Saturdays sales by a wide margin.

I am so proud of myself, I know that there is a market ready to take my bread and that despite all the setbacks I can sell bread and I love interacting with the people who buys my bread and the communion with the people I meet makes it all worthwhile.

I am on this journey and I am loving it for everything it is doing to me. I know I deserve  better and I know I am achieving great height for myself and that this  for a person with no hope, no job and np prospect. Come baking with me and change your life around






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