My journey is continuing

26 Apr

Good morning,

I guess I am having  a bit of down time. I am finally delivering bread top my only customer ave not written for a while now. I am sure it will be a great success. I am excited that other developments are taking place and I had a long discussion with someone about my lofty ideals to become a self employed baker. Guess what? he took me seriously and said it was a workable and achievable idea Hi comments came as a shock to me especially since I am being critisied for not having a claer business plan and direction. 

I left the thoughts out there almost like you do with the cosmic ordering service and shall await the results.

On another level , my comedy life is taking off as well. I had some lovely stand up gigs and I am nervously looking forward to doing my first paid gigs next week. Off course I am scared but who told me a year ago that someone will offer me a paid gig?

Well i am still improving my baking skills, attempting to improve on my comedy writing skills and having fun.

Fun is a bit difficult at the moment, since I feel a bit under the weather and do not now if this is another black dog episode comimng or just a matter of taking time to be still and let me be charged up. 

In the meantime take care and I hope to wrote soon. Bye 



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