Good eveningOh …

3 Jul

Good evening

Oh my I sound so  well mannered, but I often wonder if it is a smoke screen because deep within me I want to scream with frustration and pull my hair  out.Please do not despair and send the rescue team out I am ok and are just frustrated because I have neglected to write my blog and keep everyone updated.

What with the rain and almost summer. yesterday I had to go out and buy myself a new Jumper(jersey to all my South African followers). My old ones were really shapeless and all the care of shaping while damp could not bring it back to form. It is amazing how we tend to shape things into  objects./ I shape my bread into  things of beauty and moan that it is not perfect. We shape peoples opinion to conform to what we want society to be.We shape  our thinking to avoid us pain. My  my I am being philosopical now.

Well it was a good time for me since we last visited on my blog. I met my bread hero Tom Baker who inspired me to start baking again after I read an article about him in a Virgin train  travelling between cities by train. Thank you Tom your comments and tweet was a welcome surprise.

I have met wonderful ladies from  Bearwood Pantry and I now supply them with Bread once a week. I am too modest to ask for feedback but I am sure the repeat orders are a testimony in itself.I am also included in the networking circle which  is doing good for me and my growing business.

To date I have been working on establishing my shop and hopefully will be moving into the Old Print works in Balsall Heath soon and would finally have a base to start baking from.I am waiting for confirmation from the exco meeting and from the initial  feedbcak it all seems amatter of when rather then how. 

I had another marketing publicity event when I sold my bread in Moseley for the Moseley in bloom garden show.Two very pertinent things happened, I found the people who came to the gardens in  a state of mourning because they all said how sad they are that they lost their local bakery Lucas on Woodbrigde Road in Moseley Village and  a second realisation is that the smell of fresh baked bared can be very evocative, and it is something you cannot bottle.I will be a rich man with a villa on  Caribbean island   if I could figure that out.These realisation made me more determined to push ahead and get moving.

I fell I am on the cusp as the astrologers would say.

I joined up with other social entrepreneurs and we have decided to start a small collective which we will call Yummie Brummies to support each other and we hope to make inroads at the local markets to sell our produce and convince the market organisers that we are local producers of well made local produce and that we would like to be representative of made in Birmingham. We not wanting to change the markets , but rather compliment to its appeal.

I decided to go patriotic, I am attending a family Market at the Warwick Bar on the 14th  July, in Digbeth by the Canal Basin, I will be selling vetkoek and mince and veritable curry. This is a truly South African food tradition that can range from street food to haute cuisine, like what is on offer at Purnells in Birmingham,I like how he create  Birmingham food into fine dining.I  know people will love it because it sold out at the Spring Fair at Court Road allotments in Erdington. It will be a real spectacle because I will make it before thine eyes on the day at the fair.

I was pondering about a thing that is making me think very hard. What will I answer if ever I am asked what is my signature loaf of bread? My guess will be to many to mention if I am in  a flippant mood. I do not have a signature bread as yet because I like creating bread and it depends on what my customers say they like.I guess I would like to think t will be a good loaf with no fuss to create, Tom Baker asked if I am an intuitive baker, I guess I am very close to that description.

On another level I have done a lot more comedy, Oh yes I even went to Cambridge a place called the emperor Pub to to a gig there and before I forget to Leeds A place called Mr. Ben’s. I was a bit nervous but I had a great time performing all the same. To be awkward to myself I entered for a few comedy competitions. I won one  was short-listed for two had one regional heat and a second heat in London in September.I am waiting for the outcome of the first heat. I had so much fun on the night and did not think that a competition of any kind could be that much fun.

I am still working hard  to perfect my stand up routines and  enjoy making people laugh. I am hoping to introduce a tradition of sharing bread with my fellow comedians when they put up s show at the Glee club in Birmingham once a month and I will make a complimentary loaf of bread for everyone who is on the line up.I just want to show my appreciation to them for the wonderful caring an nurturing the show towards me and other new stand up comedians on the Birmingham circuit. I will tell you how my gift aid  goes in later months.I played at the Glee club a few times and was well impressed with myself.

I think I shall pen off now, since it would appear to himself that I am getting a bit vain glorious now and I should curb such vanity it is against my upbringing LOL… what a good giggle I am having now, I am just taking the mickey as it is.

Until next time keep well have fun and spread the love and fun 




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