What a realization

1 Aug

Good morning is order. I got swept away with the run up to the Olympics. I did go and see the flame procession in Birmingham and the excitement for started on that day. I am excited that so far South Africa won some gold medals. My heart sinks every time I look at the leader board and see Team GB  results. I was incensed  by the Japanese team making our boys  go down to third place, what graciousness in accepting the controversy well done to them.

Let me move on and talk about me and my bread journey. I attended an event at Wrwick Bar on Fazeley Street in Digbeth , Birmingham and sold bread and South African Vetkoek and curry fillings and Koeksisters.

I received an email from a very satisfied customer who said that he shared my bread with my role model Tom Baker and Tom told him he know about my bread and that he will ask me to come and bake with him. What an honour it will be, to be  balling with my role model. I cant wait.

I am looking for help to get me to get an article about me and my bread and journey in one of the Birmingham newspapers  to aid me spreading and marketing my project to become  self employed. I was told that my story does not have enough impact and resonance with editors since the is not anything unique about me except maybe a funny bloke who bakes bread. I will watch the space for an opportunity to showcase myself,

I am very enthused about myself and my journey that I started last year. I am still a secret home baker and I am getting edgy about finding a space to call my bakery. things are moving slowly on that front.I am negotiating with the Old Print Works to finds a suitable space to move in there. Off course  we hopefully will conclude our talks today. I cant believe that it is the first of August today and I have missed my target date to have the bakery going this month.

Well all is not lost I am on track. My goal will be reached soon.

I have had some doubt and difficulty during the last few weeks and felt like I may be getting depressed again, however I think it is all just a bit of pressure to get going. I am baking bread weekly for the Bearwood Pantry. It is so good to be able to say to potential clients that I bake on a Thursday and if you want to you could order bread on that day.Wednesday afternoon and Thursdays are becoming my better days because I feel I  am living my dream.

All is not plain sailing, I still accept and think I am crazy to start this venture with so little resources and money. Each day is a struggle and I sometimes wonder how long I will be able to go on. during days like this I  say my favourite prayer “the Serenity Prayer” and try to stay focussed.acceptance  is very hard for me , Courage  makes me wonder if I have any and Wisdom, oh no I must learn to  try it out.

On the whole I think I am ok and cannot say that I am  very concerned  about things in general.

My comedy career is taking on a different dimension. I have been gigging at venues outside of Birmingham and got very good feedback and reviews. I , wait for this dressed up in a suit to do a gig in Castle Bromwich and I admit, it changed me . I felt so good and will dress up again if I do another gig.

I am becoming known as the comedian who makes bread and who has a wicked bread routine. A fan at the Glee club told me he liked my bread routine best. I was asked by some pro comics to think about expanding my bread routine and set and that will be a good challenge.I get so generously form the processional comedians on the Birmingham circuit and so much support, I heave decided to initiate my own tradition. At the Glee Club in Birmingham we have a Rough works new material night for professional,

comics. I contribute a loaf of bread to each performer and it makes me feel so good to share part of my life’s, tapestry with these good people and  I know that bread and the sharing of bread is part of the unique mysteries of everyone life and culture. There i go again becoming so philosophical. I want to be a light hearted writer nothing serious.I have been short-listed for the Birmingham new Act comedy competition in September  and by the line up I can add it is going to be very tough.

My best friend Ivan will be visiting from America where he is working  and he is coming to share my birthday with me and also will have the opportunity to see me do a gig on the 9th August  in  Bromsgrove.

Well so far so good and for once I am happy that I have written again , I promise that I will write soon again and let everyone know how things a going.

Until next time I will be baking on Thursdays and  doing stand up comedy as much as I can get open spot. Take care and wait for my next  writing bye



3 Responses to “What a realization”

  1. Alvaro August 20, 2012 at 5:05 pm #

    Hello Albert, have you got an email so I can write you in private?

  2. Michael Batho (@breadstead) April 11, 2013 at 11:59 pm #

    Hi. Are you on Twitter? It looks like you and I are following similar paths, and have had similar obstacles! 🙂 Mike (twitter) @breadstead

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