Good morningI d…

24 Aug

Good morning

I did not go away,it is a long time since I wrote to tell everyone how things are going for me. I am sitting her , a cold breeze , but tolerable breeze blowing over me, telling me to expect the usual bank holiday curse  yes you guessed right, miserable weather.

I on the other hand can’t complain , I am preparing to bake my lovely bread to sell at the Midlands Arts centre in Birmingham on Sunday, better that that it cannot get.

Before I forget, my bread will also be available from LOVE  stall at the Birmingham Bullring market. Tom the owner is very excited to offer my bread to his clients, go over to the vegetable market and look for LOVE stall he sells organic produce . The only one in the market. 

I have been very busy  talking to people to find a home, it seems like it is all I am doing talking to people, from my stand up comedy to everything else. I will have a bakery in October all up and running that is a promise, I said that when I got married, Oh what a reminder, a real palaver that turned out to be, peace was made and we are comfortable with each other in a relationship that we can call complicated.

I have been mixing dough and preparing to bake since 5am and I admit this quality time give me too much opportunity to reflect on Albert.

I am getting more enquiries about my bread now, a positive sign since I have set a goal of 100 loaves per day as my target. My  clients the Bearwood Pantry has been the most supportive and encouraging. Without the acceptance and guidance I would have been fumbling around getting into a baking routine. /For them and with them /I am now firmly into  a routine, I sound like a mother now talking about her children, have you got them into a routine yet? Well I am getting more confident about my routine and my new customer LOVE stall will allow for that as well.

I am grateful for the opportunity  to be able to this.

I had an article written about me in The South African Newspaper which is a free paper in London for South Africans . It talks about my comedy aspirations and my passion to bake bread. 

On that note, I asked for help because I want to do some stand  up comedy in my home language Afrikaans and the article is  to help me find an audience.

I am entering comedy competitions now I have three on the 2/9 , 6/9, and 9/9.Overall my confidence is growing on both levels as a baker and a comedian.

I have been invited or rather asked if I could share my bread journey with fellow bakers. A email was sent saying yes and I think  will  be doing  a comedy set the day at the Real bread festival in London , I am looking forward to that since a lot of my bread hero’s will be there I hope to meet another person there who inspires me Rosie Prince . I may be talking out of turn now but I am chuffed all the same if it is going to happen.

I have been doing an inventory of where I am on the scale of things and can say , I am even bowled over given the fact that  my own critic and sceptic. that is an achievement that a CBT therapist will call a breakthrough, I know , .I know please bear with me. Self discovery and self actualization are  always a matter of flux for me , I am just accepting that for the moment I am enjoying my journey that I started out on..

Well  this was rather short and brief and  exciting since I shared some of my good news and I must also mention that I have been invited to do three 





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