My business is growing with me

30 Oct

Good morning, as I am sitting here the sun is shining on my back and warming me up. That is why I know I love autumn  because it reminds me of  sunny winter type days  in my youth and just basking in the sun on the school lawn and generally just enjoying the sense of being young and idealistic  Autumn is my favourite season, it signify  maturity and the completion of a cycle to me. The autumnal colours evoke such beauty in me and I am in awe when I see God;’s creation .

I have been quiet lately because events have happened and taken over my seemingly  ordered life. My bread is getting better and more people are showing interest in it and buying my bread. I now bake 4 days a week and still do my stand up comedy too. Sometimes I need to take a breather and prioritise. Luckily for me I have Albert Smith , the other one who becomes my voice of reason and help me get perspective.

I have new material for my comedy and it is working very well and needs more work but the times I have tried it worked b very well with the audience.

My bread making skills is improving by leaps and bounds, except I have not been able to meet up some promises I made to help another baker because since I agreed on  a time to help I have worked very Friday since then and I feel bad about not being able to honour my agreement.

I have a new market where I sell my bread from. I did not realise that we have a vineyard and wineries so close to Birmingham and Buzzards  valley Winery sells good wine and also  gave me a great opportunity to sell my bread.

Selling my bread is almost like theatre. Making people aware of the goodness of bread, creating the nostalgia of times past and just allowing people to share a basic staple with each other gives me much joy.I  marvel at the power and spirituality of sharing my bread and how in a way it is helping me to get better in myself.

I am working on a plan to write a comedy about bread and to show it at the Edinburgh Free  Fringe Festival next year.I think I have a format in my head and the idea of sharing such a fundamental concept  sharing read through the medium of stand up comedy excites me more then my non existent sex life. I forgot that I have such a need too. Never mind all of it still works just a matter of the self esteem  interfering with the whole idea of  it. I am happy that it is that and not a real struggle. Of course I am totally smitten and in love with  someone at the moment. Whenever I think about this being in love I am reminded of Shakespeare saying one is foolish in love . How I enjoy being foolish  it is good for my soul.

I must go and attend to the other Albert Smith or all hell will break loose. In the meantime do keep well and be  comforted to know that I am well still surviving and enjoying my baking journey and all the facets that makes my life so excitig at the moment


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