My new space

26 Dec

and i am making some decent loaves and the fact that I can bake a bit more in one go is real bonus. What a palaver the move turned out to be. Firstly the building I am working in is an old factory that is ice-cold. I nearly died my first day when the cold. made me realize what an enormous task I have undertaken. my dough did not prove and I was stressed like hell. Well that was not even something I considered,. the shock made me almost give up on my dream. I felt so inadequate and almost at the point of giving up.
I was really made aware of the fact that I am taking on a h a huge task with the constraints I have and not financial back up.
I just wanted to curl up and die. My friends were very helpful and tought of all types of ideas and how to make it better. In fact all that could make it better was money and equipment neither of which I had.
I made a plan and with the help of readers and fellow bread makers from the real bread campaign, the fresh loaf I knew I could improve and improvise  and make a difference. I bought  wardrobe from Argos , the ones without doors that you cover with a piece of fabric. I  bought some polycarbonate sheets and a tubular heater and an aquarium heater covered the wardrobe and made a make shift proving cabinet..
It is working to a fashion and I am at leat getting the bread proving. I now know that I am in for a hard slog to raise the money to buy the next pieces of equipment to get my bakery to my satisfaction. All the while my customers are very supportive and patient the y get the bread and offer suggestions and are in the journey with me. I sold my bread at the MAC food market as always last Sunday. It was like being at a village fair in Birmingham city .Everyone knew about my bakery and my bread.

Everyone was enquiring abiout how the move went into the new space, was forgiving about the not so perfect bread, I always think my bread is not perfect.I could not believe that there are so many people on this journey with me. thank you for the love and support.

I made and sold so many stollen that I nver want to see one again for a while thank God it is  seasonal.
I off course had one insight that shocked me. I realise that I now actually get up and leave the house to get to work. Wow it was awesome and off course scary. the pressure is now on to fund the move by way of increasing my sales to pay rent and utilities.
I still enjoy baking bread despite the fact that I now realise how much more there is to running a business, but I am in it for the long haul.
As you know that one of my goals is wanting help use the bakery as a way to help empower myself and other people to increase their capacity and self-esteem. Well my friend Nuri, an Iraqi refugee came to help build the cupboard and clean. I discovered that he is not only resourceful and supportive but has a hidden talent. He can shape a baguette like a pro. Never judge a book by its cover .
well Nuri is now pretty much cleaning and helping me to do all sorts of things in the bakery. what he does and this gives me the greatest joy and satisfaction to see. He makes a Iraqi bread called Samoon and by the way it looks he will soon be able to sell it to the Iraqi community and create an income for himself. I have to learn to , to mind my own business and allow him the space to create and make his own journey. difficult is all I can say because I think I like to be in control and in charge. I researched the Iraqi samoon making on the internet and found that samoon is part of the fabric of Iraqi culture and that we may be on a winner here if Nuri can get it right.
as for me well i am happy that I got here. I like the fact that I now get up and leave home to go to work. I enjoy the fact that I am making plans to improve y lot daily and that I am coping with the transition on my journey to start a small bakery.
I like the fact that I am constantly t striving to make better bread. I am almost reminded of alcoholics anonymous that has a saying “we are not perfect , we strive towards spiritual perfection”
On the whole I think the fact that I can write about this journey is in itself lovely and does a lot to me to overcome my own limitations, make a new life for myself and create a opportunity for others to realise that they have potential as well.
Good bye and I will have better news next time maybe saying I am making serious money.
enjoy yourself.


One Response to “My new space”

  1. Olivia petersen December 26, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    Dear mr bakerman 🙂

    congratulations on getting this far. You are truely an inspiration for the unemployed, housewives and aspiring “bakers”. I wish i was there to taste your delicious bread!

    You have made it thus far and with your never say die attitude, things can only get better, and more delicious!

    Olivia petersen

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