Hello it is snowing again

11 Feb

Good morning Birmingham looks beautiful today with all the snow. I enjoyed walking to work in the snow and seeing the virgin unspoiled snow really lifted my spirits. It felt so good to think I am making the first imprints on the snow.

I think that this snow and feeling I  got made me reflective and got me thinking that I have not ket people informed about how I am doing and how my progess with my bakery is going and how I feel at the moment.

I am still very euphoric and excited that I moved from my home kitchen to this small unit and that I am getting on top of making my bread making process.

I am now better acquainted with my oven and must say it produces better bread and I am still in search of the perfect shapd loaf .My bread orders are increasing too and somehow the reality of having to push myself to get more business  seems to be paying off.I must admit the realization that I must start baking for a profit to make a success of my business is exciting and very challenging. I admit I loose faith and slip back into think how nice it will be to earn a salary from a job and not having to have the pressure to create my own destiny is but then think” ye of little faith.”

So far the bakery is  not profitable and I am struggling to make ends meet but every new client who orders bread are  a welcome addition to a long list of people who support me. The Bearwood Pantry  is very supportive and their weekly orders are growing and we building a good relationship  even with a few setbacks.I have another client  Vegetropolis who drives me mad since he wants sourdough bread at the most earliest ill prepared time, but thank God he does get his bread and i think he is trying very hard to realize that I have to stick to a pattern and now gets his orders in less then on demand. I still sell at markets is Birmingham, the MAC  food market being the most enjoyable and the one I get the most feedback for about my bread and the quality of the bread. And the Busy Parents Network market is a delight to attend , admitting I have not seen as many pregnant women in one room since I was a midwife is the early 1980.Made me smile thinking of the days.

I am still doing my stand up comedy and have now a few new sets that I perform and seem to have great success with them. I lost out at a gong show the other night but what was  good for my comedic soul was that within the 4 minutes before I was voted off I had 3 rounds of applause. It made not beating the gong bearable. I have booking until November so far. I was reminded that I said I am giving up comedy in December and it is now February and I am talking of bookings in November.Well give up comedy , I am not ready to go back on psychiatric drugs too.

Talking about drugs, I see the trees are in bud and guess what. I was not a depressed the  winter as always  Hold on just had my train of thought interrupted , listening  to a track that brings so many memories back Gladys Knight ” Midnight train to Georgia” where did my life go.

Anyway back to the depression yes I feel that I am getting better and is e very happy about that. I shall not tell the psychiatrist because he will think otherwise and say I am manic.

I have many things to be grateful for and also have many plans for y bakery too. One main problem remains,  that is doing fundraising for equipment and things I need. I do so many charity fundraising gigs and think I should now suggest a comedy fundraising gig for Ubuntu bakery to buy equipment. I wonder if such a thing is ethical and allowed

Well that is how thing are for the moment and I guess the new goal is to just increase my sales and generate more business , achievable I am sure and feel good about this stage of my business development

Good bye and until next time keep well and take care





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