I have neglected to stay in touch

30 Nov

It feels like I have became obsolete in the world of blogging, makes me think of one of my old professors who used the mantra not publishing means academic ruin. I know people need to know about you, but sometimes life gets in the way.I hope my blog will remedy my absence.

It has been rater hectic since I have last posted and kept in touch. It was very hectic and l feel that I ave been juggling so many balls at one time. On reflection it was good to be busy, sometimes I worried that I am not getting anywhere but ten some magic happens that reminds me that I have a great product and a good presence on the Bread scene in Birmingham. Today, I sold bread at the MAC food market. It was humbling and encouraging to see my old customers welcoming me back after a three month absence, yes the same old me with my odd anxiety that my handmade bread is not perfect, and that my customers wont like it. I still get admonished by my customers about this rather strange dereliction with a perfect looking loaf of bread.

I mentioned an absence of tree months, I cannot believe it has been that long, but a lot happened in tat time, I went to South Africa to perform stand up comedy at the Johannesburg International arts Festival. An opportunity for me to perform in my native tongue, Afrikaans and to perform to my immediate and extended family , was very surreal. Surreal might be a wrong word to use, but it was very liberating. It helped me to address and exorcise some of the demons from my past.

I feel that the shows was a success and i ad fun and people enjoyed my performances and story telling.I will definitely return and do more stand up comedy performances in Johannesburg.

I attended a wedding when I was there too, and enjoyed meeting with all my old friends too.

South Africa is still as strange a country as it was when I left it, except the emphasis of imbalance have shifted to rich and poor, employed and unemployed and social inequalities i shan’t remind you or myself about, it is too distressing and will not lead to any solutions in this post.

I discovered that there are  like in the United Kingdom a North South divide in Johannesburg.

I encouraged people to dig deeper in their  ability and challenged them to start creating their own income and start small businesses.

I baked bread which I sold at a farmers market in Walkerville. e bread was very well received and t sold out. showed the people i wanted to see how to sell something that is needed and create an income. One drawback was that I ended up baking bread for my extended family because I reminded them of my grandfather and his bakery when we were children. I think it was nice to give em back some memories,

I decided that i want to return to South Africa to start a community bakery, community garden and urban farm and develop a performance presence to help address the community I lived in to become empowered and increase the survival capacity.

A community market to sell locally grown and made produce is also part of this plan. Off course the idea of a micro brewery to brew a local beer also seemed appealing.

I have started networking to explore the idea of doing live art and other performances.

I discovered a self taught artist who paints such beautiful modern art images it was sad to discover that he does not even understand his own talent or worth, made me think of myself when I am depressed and not well.

I returned briefly to Birmingham and did my bread comedy performance as part of the Afrovibes Festival that happened in Birmingham. I am good excellent feedback after the show and some exciting opportunity is starting to takes shape from that collaboration.

Tat was not all that happened in my absence. I went to Savannah to attend my daughter’s wedding. She married the lovely Rusty Lawson and he welcomed me very graciously. He is the epitome that the notion of achieving your American dream is not an empty notion. Fine gentleman and son -in -law he is.

I will not bore you with a running commentary about the wedding, however i smile everytime I think about how weddings and funerals brings out the best and the worst  character traits in us. Hang on to this tradition it is their to keep us sane and in touch with ourselves.

I got back to Birmingham to face a host of issues. I am moving into a different direction and I am having to plan again how to build on my success of the last few years.

I am moving into another bakery space. I started  selling traditional South African vetkoek and curries and decided that I must build up this aspect of my business as well.

I decided I need to get myself to drive again and exploit the opportunities that the street food markets will offer me,

Yes i do think I must close my bakery and concentrate on getting a more steady income, but giving up all I learnt, sacrificed and dreamt about in the last five years will be such a waste and almost fatalistic at this stage. Did you ever feel you were on the cusp of something happening?

All in all I have developed a new approach. I have baked and developed new bread recipes and mastered some difficult transitions, and survived, I also had an article written in the Saga Magazine written about me and the baking.That makes me think and believe I am a unique and creative person and enjoy the process of reinventing my life, I still have  skeletons in my cupboards and wolves at my door but….. The insights I have developed  are, that there are too many people who care about me and have contributed to my life to give up now.

I want o salute and say thank you to all of the people who is in my life at this time.

I promise to write soon and tell you ow my stollen baking and Christmas work went, but that will be after Christmas when I recover from the hardwork and the indulgence. ave a wonderful festive season and be kind to yourself, have as much fun and Christmas cheer you can tolerate,




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